Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Exchange 2010 Address List Updates & Address Book Policies

Understanding Address Book Policies explains how to use & create Address Book Policies (ABPs):

1.       Use Custom Attributes 1-15
2.       Create Address Lists, GALs and OABs
3.       Create ABPs
4.       Assign ABPs to mailboxes
5.       Outlook users will see their own GAL

However, Outlook users will see an empty GAL and Address List containers. Solution:

·         Update-AddressList <name>
·         Update-GlobalAddressList <name>
·         Update-OfflineAddressBook <name>

Update-AddressList/GlobalAddressList/OfflineAddressBook only need to be executed once. After updating the address lists new Exchange recipients are immediately visible with Outlook in Online Mode.

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